Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On World Vision

(Written March 26, 2014)

Yesterday, I rejoiced with the news that World Vision had changed its employment policy, allowing it to begin hiring gay people in committed relationships, and wept as I learned that many Evangelicals were dropping their sponsorships of impoverished, international children because World Vision and gay people "forced" them to. Then I filled with hope again as some Christian leaders called for us to support World Vision and the children now without sponsors by making donations.

But tonight, I feel broken, spent, lost at the news that World Vision has reversed its policy. My mind is swirling, but my thoughts about one thing are clear...

To my LGBT friends: I am sorry. I'm sorry for the ways we as Christians and we the church have hurt you, all in the name of Truth and Love. I'm sorry that we, who are supposed to fill the world with love and kindness and the message of extravagant grace, have failed to demonstrate that to you. I'm sorry that every step forward seems to be followed by a gut-wrenching step back. I am sorry.

But for however much or little it is worth, I stand with you. I raise my voice with you. I sit quietly and weep with you. And I stubbornly cling to the belief that, more and more often, I will rejoice with you. My brothers and sisters.

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